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IsoTek EVO3 Titan


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The new EVO3 Titan is a progression of IsoTek’s original multi-award winning design. Whilst utilising the unique Direct-Coupled© technology, the circuit has been radically updated. EVO3 Titan offers the ultimate high current/power conditioner in the smallest form factor.





·       Removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.

·       RFI reduction 82dB (50 ohms standard), down to 5Hz frequency range.

·       Two independent outlets with additional Neutrik Auxiliary. No outlets are connected together, stopping Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination.

·       Unique nine-stage conditioning network in a series parallel configuration, that delivers extremely low-impedance and high-current power. An increase of 20% Differential Mode and 600% Common Mode filtering compared to the original GII Titan. 50% of the 40A Super Titan circuit reconfigured to 20A. Delivering 4,600W continuous power with 25,000W transient ability (supply permitting).

·       KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery across all outlets.

·       112,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system with earth fault protector.

·       Available with UK, EU, US, Australian, Swiss and South African outlets. 



Our new EVO3 Titan would not have been possible without the extensive research applied to its bigger brother Super Titan. In customary IsoTek style cutting edge technology developed for the ‘Ultimate Range’ paves the way for future upgrades. The new EVO3 Titan is no exception, it takes the multi award-winning circuit from Super Titan and reconfigures it into a smaller form factor without losing the original purity of design.


When measured against its GII predecessor the EVO3 Titan offers a ten-fold improvement in Common Mode filtering, essential for today’s wi-fi environment of home networks and mobile phone data streaming. Differential Mode filtering has also been improved to offer a wider frequency range that now extends down to 5Hz. Greatly enhanced material application is used throughout IsoTek’s unique components, developed specifically for purpose.


Material usage also extends to the new specially developed UPOCCP, (Ultra Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting Process) solid core internal wiring cable. The UPOCCP process was originally developed by professor Ohno of Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. This technology has been applied to the manufacturing of single crystallized copper with the process of heated mould continuous casting. The resulting product has small rods of OCC pure copper, from which the wire can be drawn and which can have Copper grains of over 700 ft length. IsoTek then silver plates this already statement purity copper before winding a strand of FEP Teflon around the solid conductor creating a dielectric of virtual air, over which a secondary FEP Teflon tube is extruded.


Titan’s proprietary Direct-Coupled© circuit topology has also been upgraded in two subtle but significant ways. One is a doubling of copper to a weight of (2oz) before 24ct gold plating. Secondly the circuit design is a fully optimised equal resistance path, KERP.


Great attention has been paid to Titan’s upgraded Auxiliary output, that now supports all other IsoTek products. If you already own an existing IsoTek conditioner plugging this through the Auxiliary output both synergises the system and enhances the sound further. Creating an overall performance where the sum is greater than the individual parts.


Lastly the new EVO3 Titan features 112,500A of instantaneous protection. IsoTek’s unique advanced protection system uses a pyramid array of VDR devices that offer protection and react more aggressively as the fault becomes more dangerous.





Number of outlets:                           2 + Auxiliary

Type of outlet Options:                     UK, EU, US, AU, CH

Mains inlet:                                      C20 IEC

Mains voltage:                                100-240VAC   50-60Hz

Maximum current:                           20Amps continuous

Total power: (nominal 230V)           4600W

                     (Circuit/Transient)       4600W/Unlimited

Dimensions:                                    275 x 182.5 x 275mm (W x H x D)

Weight:                                             17Kg


Supplied power cord: EVO3 Premier to C19 IEC.

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